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Carthage must not be destroyed

Two thousand years ago the Roman Senate rang with Marcus Porcius Cato's fanatical cry " Delenda est Carthago " (Carthage must be destroyed). Not long thereafter the Roman legions sacked the Punic capital and razed it to the ground.

Today, on the shores of the Mediterranean, only a few miles from Tunis, the remains of ancient Carthage and the lovely Medina of Tunis itself are threatened by a new menace: submersion and destruction in a sea of urban concrete.

Unesco and the Tunisian Government are facing the challenge and have just embarked on an ambitious programme for the safeguard and development of the Carthage-Tunis region. It is to the story of Carthage's glorious past and the cultural legacy that the Medina represents that this issue of the Unesco Courier is devoted.

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1970 December