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Energy 2000

This issue is devoted to world energy problems and the need to engineer a smooth transition to a new "mix" of energy sources which will reduce dependence on dwindling fossil fuels. This is not only a challenge for modern technology, it is a challenge for international co-operationand solidarity since the energy crisis, which affects all nations, is imposing a disproportionately heavy burden on developing countries struggling to pay for their development in a world of steeply rising energy prices.

UNESCO is closely concerned with world energy problems and is taking part in a United Nations Conference on New and Renewable Energy Sources which is being held in Nairobi (Kenya) between 10 and 21 August 1981.The main objective was to be the elaboration of measures for the concerted action needed to promote the development and utilization of new and renewable sources of energy, in order tomeet over-all future energy requirements, in particular within the context of efforts aimed at accelerating the development of Third World nations. 

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July 1981