Нести мир в сознание мужчин и женщин

United Nations at work; the international experiment of technical assistance

The United Nations has been in existence since 1945, No longer is it just a vague pacifist hope or a sentimental, intellectual aspiration; it is the embodiment of a world order which must be consolidated and perfected and which must be defended. But a big question mark remains. Are aIl the governments in a position to teach the citizens within their own countries the things they have prüclaimed to the world outside over their solemn signatures following the horrible havoc of the last war? Are they, in other works, prepared to teach that aIl States enjoy "equal soverèignty" but that in the exercise of their sovereignty aIl the nations that joined together to form the United Nations admitted certain obligations-obligations which every single one of their citizens has the right to know in full, and the right to know from school age onwards?

Unesco's activities on behalf of education for living in a world community are in no sense subversive : What we are trying to do is to train citizens who will be faithful in their duty to their own country and who for that very reason will also be loyal to the international obligeations which their country has assumed. The activities of Unesco are founded on texts that have been officially approved and are publicly regarded as the guarantee of peace and essential to the progress of the whole world.

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Octobre 1952