Нести мир в сознание мужчин и женщин

A Fair deal for the teacher

A special intergovernmental conference convened by Unesco is shortly to meet in Paris to consider and adopt an international recommendation on the status of teachers. The meeting will be the outcome of studies and consultations carried out jointly by Unesco and the International Labour Organization, with the help of many other international governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with the progress of education. The aim is to give the highest official approval to a set of well-defined recommendations covering principles and standards whose application would give primary and secondary schoolteachers in every country a professional, social and economic standing worthy of their calling.

Why have Unesco and the International Labour Organization decided to use such large-scale, complex machinery to help resolve the problems of one particular profession, and why has agreement between states become necessary in a field where national law and custom have always seemed adequate? The question is one which applies equally to many other situations that have arisen in the field of education.

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September 1966