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Download a discussion guide

The report proposes three questions to guide dialogue and action: what should be continued, what should be abandoned, and what needs to be creatively reimagined afresh.  This discussion guide is designed to help groups work together to transform education.

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Download briefing notes (Transforming Education Summit 2022)

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These briefing notes notes were prepared to introduce the ideas, principles and proposals of the report as they relate to the five thematic action tracks and support the national consultations component of the UN's 2022 Transforming Education Summit.

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Statement on transforming education

Download the June 2022 statement from the International Commission on the Futures of Education entitled Transforming education together for just and sustainable futures.

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Введение в инициативу (2:13)

В этом видеоролике представлен обзор всего взаимодействия и его важности для создания устойчивого будущего человечества и планеты Земля.

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Debating the futures of education

Each video in this animated series explores a single, important issue and invite users to offer their comments and ideas.

What needs to be learned at school with teachers and other students?

The covid-19 crisis has closed schools around the globe and will have long-lasting effects. However, schools will re-open and we have the chance to reflect on the important learning experiences that happen at schools and universities with teachers and other students.

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Are our views more shaped by what we learn online than what we learn in schools?

In today’s world, where and how do people learn about science or about citizenship and civic engagement? Are our views more shaped by what we learn online than what we learn in schools? What does this possibility mean for the futures of education? 

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The new normal – what needs to be different than before?

Here we ask viewers to think about how COVID-19 has made us reassess what we used to accept as “normal”. Indeed, for teachers, students, and humanity, this is an important opportunity to understand that what we have considered "normal" is not inevitable, but is a choice - a result of our decisions. What does this possibility mean for the futures of education? 

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How can education really contribute to solving the climate crisis?

In this fourth video, we ask viewers to think about how education can really contribute to solving the climate crisis.

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