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Education budgets are not adjusting proportionately to the challenges brought about by #COVID19, especially in poorer countries, over half of which have cut funds. #Finance4Edu

In 2015 it was estimated that education spending should increase from 3.5% to 6.3% of GDP to achieve SDG 4, but government education spending has remained flat as a share of GDP. #Finance4Edu

More funds are needed to achieve SDG 4, but in 40% of low-income countries spending per school aged child fell between 2013/4 and 2017/8 #Finance4Edu


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There was an upward trend in education spending in the last 10 years. The #COVID19 pandemic may interrupt this. Low- and middle-income countries, which account for a 1/3 of global education spending would be the hardest hit.


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New annual #Finance4Edu report series by @WBG_Education and @GEMReport calls for better targeting of aid, only 48% of which goes to basic and secondary education in low and lower-middle-income countries.

Aid to education is predicted to fall 12% by 2022 due to #COVID19. Low-income countries, where almost 20% of education spending comes from aid, will be the hardest hit. We must not let that happen. #Finance4Edu


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Household spending on education will be jeopardised by income and health shocks caused by #COVID19. This will greatly affect learners in low-income countries, where 6x more is spent on education by households compared to high-income countries. #Finance4Edu


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Spending must be more tightly aligned to equity objectives. In low-income countries, 40% of total public education funding benefits the wealthiest and only 10% the poorest.  #Finance4Edu


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New annual #Finance4Edu report series by @WBG_Education and @GEMReport calls for better data on education spending. Information on spending by each education level was available in only 17% of countries.  #Finance4Edu