Нести мир в сознание мужчин и женщин

UNESCO observatory of killed journalists - Haiti

Number of recorded killings in 2020 : 0

Member States' responses to UNESCO DG's request for information on judicial follow-up in last 4 years

UNESCO DG request sent111
Member state response received on status of judicial enquiry244
Name Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status DG condemnation Member State response *
Néhémie Joseph Male 10/10/2019 Haitian New request Link
Rospide Pétion Male 10/06/2019 Haitian New request Link
Pierre Richard Alexander Male 19/05/2013 Haitian No Information Received So Far Link
Jean-Rémy Badio Male 19/01/2007 Haitian No Information Received So Far Link
Jacques Roche Male 14/07/2005 Haitian Link
Abdias Jean Male 14/01/2005 Haitian Link
Ricardo Ortega Male 07/03/2004 Spanish Link
Brignol Lindor Male 03/12/2001 Haitian Link
Jean Léopold Dominique Male 04/04/2000 Haitian Link